Presentation of the Institute

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Analysis of a sample

The Institute

The Institute for the management and the valorization of universities's herbaria (IGVH) carry out a modernisation and informatisation programme of the Universities's herbaria.

It is also concerned for improving knowledge of natural sites and of the regional flora, particularly protected or endangered species, by localising and mapping species presence, ecological studies, bibliographical research, and population's evolution.


The Institute also manages a Library with at least 35 000 references, of which 5500 (concerning Auvergne) have been computerised. The Institute has a series of articles concerning studies of Auvergne and a photos collection of natural environments, Auvergne's sites and middle-mountains in general.


  • G.Thébaud, Director, Curator of the University's Herbarium, Dr. HDR of Phytoecology,
    speciality : floristic, Community ecology of medium mountains
  • A.Delcoigne, Master of Science in Ecology, Conservation officer
    speciality : floristic, community ecology, aquatic vegetation
  • C.Roux, Master of Science in Ecology, Conservation officer
    speciality : floristic, community ecology, xerothermic calcareous grassland
  • R.Skrzypczak, Referent Bryologist of the Institut
    speciality: Bryophytes of France and Europe

Offered services

It is possible for scientists :
  • To consult, on the spot, the University's herbaria or regional documentation (opening hours : Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 am and from 2 to 5pm).
  • To be sent on request, and under certain conditions, some herbarium specimens. This is possible only for other herbaria, university laboratories or research institutes (requests should be made to Institut des Herbiers Universitaires de Clermont-Ferrand, 3 Bd. Lafayette, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE. Tél:, Tél/Fax :
  • To receive, on request and under certain conditions, photocopies or scanned reproductions of plant samples.
  • To consult the data base which is being developed.
  • To have access, on motivated request, for other information (photo's library, documentation centre, maps of endangered species...).

Governing Body

  • Chairman : G. Pétel, Dr. Pr. of Vegetal physiology, Université B.Pascal.
  • Vice-Chairman : J. Guillot, Dr. Pr. of Botany, Université d'Auvergne.
  • Treasurer : B. Dantal, Deputy mayor of Clermont-Ferrand, Representative of Research and Higher Education.
  • Members :
    • M. Madesclaire, Dr., Pr. of pharmacy, Dean of the Pharmacy Faculty.
    • F. Durand, President of the Natural History Society "Alcide d'Orbigny".
    • B. Sauvade, Local councillor of Puy-de-Dôme, Mayor of Sauxillange.
    • G. Thébaud, Botanist, Dr. of phytoecology.